For Geographical and Mobile numbers, you can order them in number blocks. Like a single number request, each block that you order can only be assigned to one Account. The @voice platform does not enable you to break the range over multiple Accounts. This can only be done, if you have your own switch and register that switch as an Account. You can then assign the block of numbers to the Account with your switch, and from switch end, break up the numbers.

Ordering a number block is very similar to ordering a new number. Just select the block size that you would like and the quantity you need. An example could be a request something like the diagram below. From that example, you are request an order for 2 x Victoria, Melbourne number block of 10. This would mean a total of 20 numbers will be assigned.

You can then add in any specific remarks that you would like to help out our provisioning team to ensure that we get the right numbers for you.

And finally, you will need to assign an Account and Connection to this request before submitting it in. Once the request is submitted, you can track this request from the 'Pending Request' tab. Generally, request are normally fulfilled within 1-5 business days.

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