The @voice platform has it's own number inventory of numbers. This is to facilitate and expedite the ordering process for new numbers. If a number is ordered from the @voice number inventory, the number is assigned to the account and ready to use straight away (It may take up to 1 business day if the connection is to a SIP Trunk).

When you select a number type, and if we have the number type in our inventory, the portal will provide you an option to order the number from the inventory.

When you select on 'Available Number', you will be presented with all numbers available within our inventory. If your selection was for Geographical Number, you can use the number filter to select the Region and City of the number you are looking for.

Once you are presented with the available numbers, you can add numbers to your order by simply clicking on the 'Add' button. You can select as little or as many numbers as you like. Once you are done with the selection, just click on the shopping cart icon (refer to below diagram).

You will then need to select the Account and Connection type that you would like the numbers to be associated to. Once you have completed that, depending on the Connection type, your number will be ready to use either immediately (if Connection type is SIP End Point) or within 1 business day (if Connection type is SIP Trunk).

If the Connection type is SIP Trunk, you can view the progress from 'Pending Request' page. When the number is ready for use, you will receive a notification email that it is ready to use.

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