Using the @voice portal

You can place an order number directly from the @voice platform. You can request for new numbers for the below number types:-

  • Geographical
  • Mobile
  • 13/1300
  • 1800

You are able to place an order for:-

  • a number from our inventory pool of numbers
  • request for a new number
  • request for a block of numbers (applicable to Geographical and Mobile numbers)

While placing and order, you will need to associate the order to an Account and Connection. You will only be able to associate the order to an Account if there is an active Incoming Trunk or SIP End Point. Also, if the order was:

From the @voice Number Inventory

The number is assigned to the selected Account in real time. If the connection type was to a SIP End Point, the number is activated and ready for use instantly. If the connection type was to a SIP trunk, the number will only be ready for use within 1 business day.

A New Number

It can take anywhere between 1-5 business days to get the number assigned and activated on the selected Account's connection.

In both cases, you will be able to track the progress of your number order from the "Pending Request" tab under 'Number Request'.

Using an API

You can also make a number request using our API. You can refer to our API documentation here.

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